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About colourpuncture

Colourpuncture, or colour therapy acupuncture, is a holistic therapy that uses beams of coloured light applied onto specific points and areas of the skin. It is a totally pain-free procedure, despite the name colourpuncture might suggest the involvement of needles. Instead, a special torch is used with interchangeable coloured crystal rods made of quartz, each having a different colour. The light shines through the rods and their pyramidal tip is placed onto the skin that works as an antenna receiving the signal in the form of light and conveying this information to the deeper layers of the body. Colourpuncture was developed by the German Naturopath Peter Mandel, founder of Esogetic Medicine. In over 60 years of research, Peter Mandel has developed an innovative system of healing combining the wisdom of ancient traditions like Traditional Chinese Medicine with new findings in the field of biophysics, quantum physics and energetic medicine.

Colour exists as a consequence of light. Isaac Newton (17th century) was the first to observe scientifically that sunlight shined through a glass prism was divided into the colours of the rainbow. We now know that each colour of the visible spectrum has a specific wavelength going from purple (380nm) to red (750nm) with frequencies between 400THz and 790THz, respectively. However, the use of light and colour as means of healing has been known for millennia. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks built temples that allowed sunlight to penetrate, so that people could bathe in coloured light for healing. Or think of the Vedic tradition and the chakras, energy centres in the body, each associated with a specific colour.

In the 1970s, the German physicist Fritz Albert Popp showed how the cells of living beings emit a constant flow of biophotons, or weak quanta of electromagnetic vibrations, carriers of energy and information. These quanta are comparable to a candlelight observed from 20km distance and despite their apparent weakness, they are responsible for communication within the body that is faster than nerve impulses. Russian Dr Sergei Pankratov observed that light can travel through the body along the meridians and enter and exit through the acupuncture points. Therefore, by using coloured light applied to the acupuncture points on the skin, the body receives a type of information it can understand, that same language that the body uses to communicate within.

The human body is made of over 100 trillion of cells that work in harmony as one, but still keeping the unique characteristics of each organ and tissue. We can compare the human body to a philharmonic orchestra where each cell corresponds to a specific instrument with a specific frequency. When the orchestra plays in harmony, there is coherence between the different instruments: this is when the body is in a state of health – cells, tissues and organs all vibrate and work in harmony. Disease is synonym of disharmony, or an orchestra that is dissonant. Cells, tissues and organs change their vibration and lose their ability to interact and resonate with each other. Different colours have specific vibrations, which carry energy and information that can affect cells and tissues. Each colour has a particular affinity to specific body organs and systems, so it can be used to re-establish harmony and coherence. For example, red can nourish the kidneys and adrenal glands, strengthen the lungs and ease pain. Yellow is the colour associated with the liver, the lymph and the intestines, while orange regulates the endocrine (hormonal) axis. Blue is sedative and calms a hyperfunctioning thyroid or eases anxiety and stomach cramps, and violet downregulates the nervous system.

What can colourpuncture help with?

Colourpuncture can be helpful for a wide range of physical and emotional complaints including:

  • Hormonal issues (PMS, menopause, PCOS, irregular periods, thyroid imbalance…)
  • Sleep (irregular sleep patterns, insomnia, fatigue…)
  • Emotional imbalance (mood swings, depression, excess anger, fear, anxiety…)
  • Psychosomatic complaints that come and go, usually related to stress
  • Immune system support (recurrent colds and flus, sinusitis, hay fever, allergies…)
  • Inflammation and pain
  • Supporting detox processes
  • Medically unexplained symptoms

Colourpuncture is a safe and pain-free therapy for all ages: babies, children, younger and older adults can all find benefit. It does not have side effects and can be used in isolation or in support to other holistic or medical therapies. 

What makes colourpucnture so effective is the understanding that body, mind and heart are interconnected, we cannot heal fully unless we address all three aspects of our being. Symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg, which is signalling that something has changed in our deeper layers. From here stems the significance of old traumas or unresolved past issues that are still alive within us, imprinted in our cellular memory and those areas of the brain responsible for storing past events and memories. The role of the therapist is to unravel the correspondences between the symptoms and those energetic blockages and to use light and colour to release them and allow the body to return to a state of dynamic equilibrium. Nothing that is alive is static, everything is ever flowing and moving, and colourpucnture can assist us towards regaining dynamism in life and health and reconnect to our inner self and our life path. Each colourpucnture treatment is carefully tailored to the person’s own story. The first meeting involves a fully comprehensive and thorough consultation that includes diagnostic tests like iris, pulse and tongue diagnosis, followed by a test treatment to see how the body responds. Following sessions address the presenting complaints and the underlying causes, with colourpuncture treatments that leave the person feeling deeply relaxed. It is recommended to start with 4-6 weekly sessions to prepare the terrain for healing, which will continue as the therapy progresses and becomes more and more personalised.

Induction therapy

The human brain possesses an intense electrical activity. In 1929, Dr Hans Berger was the first to describe the four rhythms, or electroencephalographic waves, characterised by different frequencies, or cycles per second. In more recent times, a fifth type of frequency (gamma) has also been observed. The brain operates with electrical activity and fluctuates between five different frequencies, depending on the state of alertness:

  • Gamma: 30-100Hz – high performance, maximal concentration, transcendental experiences, profuse state of happiness
  • Beta: 14-30Hz – cognitive state of wakefulness and alertness
  • Alpha: 7.5-13.5Hz – relaxed state of intellectual calm
  • Theta: 4-7Hz – state of deep meditation or REM sleep, cerebral regeneration
  • Delta: 0.5-3.5Hz – state of deep, dreamless sleep, regeneration of bodily systems and the immune system

More often than not, we are in a state of physical or emotional stress, due to our lifestyle, work, relationships etc, and this causes our brain to lose its ability to self-regulate and healthily fluctuate between the above frequencies. This is why we experience symptoms like brain fog, inability to concentrate, inability to relax, irregular sleeping patterns… with all the consequences that this dysregulation brings: poor functioning of the immune system, chronic tiredness and fatigue, waking up feeling mentally and physically exhausted, lacking energy and vitality. Peter Mandel has developed the induction therapy, which involves applying these five frequencies to specific areas of the skin to encourage the brain to regain its healthy rhythms. ‘Induction’ means that the brain is not forced into synchronising to these frequencies, but gently nudged and encouraged to do so. The results are often fast and long-lasting and the person feels a deep state of relaxation, wellbeing and peace. This therapy, combined with coloupuncture, is used to balance the function of the immune system, sleep patterns, and addresses those areas of the brain involved in emotional regulation, learning and memory.

Crystal therapy

Crystals hold specific information, which brings clarity and dissolves blockages. Quartz, thanks to its hexagonal shape, creates an electromagnetic field and is able to divide light into its colour components, like a prism. Placed on the skin, quartz crystals create a movement of light within the body and by tapping into higher levels of energy, they transfer that information into the body. Each quartz molecule has a spiral shape, which recalls the shape of DNA and is able to resonate with our genetic material. It has been shown that DNA molecules are able to emit light and this light can interact with the light released by the crystals. Esogetic crystals are used to rebalance body, mind and spirit, dissolve blockages, release stress and help with pain.