About colourpuncture

Colourpuncture, or colour therapy acupuncture, is a holistic therapy that uses beams of coloured light applied onto specific points and areas of the skin. It was developed by the German Naturopath Peter Mandel, founder of Esogetic Medicine, who combined the ancient teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture with the new research on quantum physics and energetic medicine. Colourpuncture takes on the theory of the German physicist Fritz Albert Popp, who theorised that the cells of all living beings emit biophotons, electromagnetic emissions also known as vibrating light impulses. Russian researchers have shown that light can travel beneath the superficial levels of the skin, thus penetrating deeper into the tissues along the Meridians. Through light, colourpuncture creates a ‘dialogue’ with our cells using our body’s natural language and stimulating our own capacity to self-heal.

Everything in life vibrates a certain frequency: health and disease have different types of frequency, as the principle of bioresonance shows. When our natural vibrations change, we experience symptoms that can manifest at the physical, mental or spiritual level. Different parts of the body respond to a range of wavelengths that give our cells healthy information and encourage them to realign to their original frequencies. For example, yellow is the colour associated to the liver and by applying yellow light onto specific reflex points on the skin, we can help calm anger (an emotion associated with the liver), clear toxins and aid digestion.

What can colourpuncture help with?

Colourpuncture can be helpful for a wide range of physical and emotional complaints including:

  • Hormonal issues (PMS, menopause, PCOS, irregular periods, thyroid imbalance…)
  • Sleep (irregular sleep patterns, insomnia, fatigue…)
  • Emotional imbalance (mood swings and emotions like anger, fear, anxiety…)
  • Psychosomatic complaints that come and go, usually related to stress
  • Immune system support (recurrent colds and flus, sinusitis, hay fever, allergies…)
  • Inflammation and pain
  • Supporting detox processes
  • Medically unexplained symptoms

It is a safe and gentle therapy for all ages: babies, children, younger and older adults can all find benefit. It does not have side effects and it can be used in isolation or in support to other holistic or medical therapies. 

Induction therapy

Our brain vibrates at five different frequencies (gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta), that influence our wakefulness, concentration, relaxation or deep sleep. Stimulation of these rhythms regulates and activates the brain waves that are out of sync in an imperceptible way through impulses applied onto specific points of the skin. This therapy can improve sleep and emotional balance, strengthen the immune system, concentration and learning. 

Crystal therapy

Crystals hold specific information that is released into the body when the crystal is placed onto the skin. They can work deeply on the cause behind our symptoms and help us find our centre. Crystal tattoos can be applied onto the skin and ‘charged’ with coloured light to have a longer lasting effect.

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