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About Naturopathy

The principles of Naturopathy, or Nature Cure, were first applied by Hippocrates around 400BC. These are:

  • Primum non nocere – First do no harm by respecting the unity of body, mind and spirit and its personal process towards health;
  • Vis medicatrix Naturae – The Healing Power of Nature as an ordered and intelligent process that is supported and facilitated by the naturopath through stimulation of our inherent vital force;
  • Tolle Causam – Treat the Cause of the disease, rather than just suppressing the symptoms;
  • Docere – The Naturopath teaches you to take responsibility for your own health and to be an active participant in the healing process;
  • Tolle Totum – Treat the Whole Person made of body, mind and spirit as a harmonious unit;
  • Preventare – Prevention is better than cure and naturopathy can help you maintain a state of health and vibrant energy through simple lifestyle adjustments and practices.