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It is hard to do justice to the wonders of this therapy without sounding hyperbolical.

When I went for my first treatment, I was somewhat sceptical (how could colour help me if I couldn’t see it?). But I had been a nervous wreck for weeks, with permanently clenched facial muscles and a mind in a million sharp and shifting fragments. I could hardly get through the days. And I knew and trusted Fran, so why not give it a try.

Why not indeed? After not much more than half an hour of actual treatment (there is some introductory talking to do on both sides the first time), not just my face but my whole body felt relaxed, and all the mental conflict and tension had given way to release and delight.

The next session also made me pretty euphoric, but after that there were some sessions which left me feeling more balanced and grounded, so it’s not just all about highs.

Most recently I’ve found that my blood pressure (generally too high) goes down for several days after a session with Fran.

Here are some things that I have experienced through colourpuncture:

Peace, joy, release from fear, anxiety, anger, hate, obsessive worrying, expansion (I spontaneously spread my arms wide after one session), an opening up to the universe, an ability to let go, an ability to imagine dying without fear. Also, if all that sounds too solemn, just lots and lots of pleasure and plenitude.

And all this was achieved by applying colours – not with a needle, there is no puncture, but with light shining through colour, applied to the skin by touch only. It is the different vibrations of the different colours that affect the mind and body in different ways.

Hard to believe? It is until you’ve tried it.

Visited Fran, the herbalist today. Absolutely brilliant service. I was greeted warmly and offered a tea and water. She was patient and listened and offered advice. She’s really knowledgeable and friendly. She spent ages with me. I’m so appreciative.

I have just been for my latest treatment of colourpuncture with Francesca. Francesca uses coloured light and crystals to refract light on a cellular level. I first attended to ask for help with my skin psoriasis which no conventional medical treatment has been able to help me with. The colourpuncture treatment seems to work on a deeper level than just applying steroid creams to try and stop itching. It literally works under the skin to enable healing of trauma and shock in the cells of our body. The neuropathways can be healed to enable a healthier nervous and cellular system within our body. I am really beginning to notice the changes both on my skin but may be more significantly in my overall well-being. I feel more grounded, less anxious and more balanced. All good & helpful in being able to function in a healthier way. I am benefitting from Fran’s work and it feels and works on many levels which are definitely helping me in a deeper healing way than anything conventional medicine has to offer. I highly recommend trying this fascinating and life enhancing therapy. It is definitely a healing pathway and Francesca is a great practitioner.

I am so enjoying my colourpuncture treatments with Francesca. They are deeply relaxing and healing and I am really starting to feel the difference. Francesca is one of the most caring therapists I have ever come across and goes above and beyond to ensure your comfort and wellbeing. Highly recommend.

Fran’s depth of knowledge and competency immediately makes you feel like you’re in good hands. I felt benefits right away from the first treatment. We have started a course of 4 so I’m looking forward to seeing how treatment unfolds and integrates longer term. Highly recommend.

Have just completed a course of colourpuncture with Fran and she has really helped me edge away from burn out. The sessions are deeply relaxing and effective at discharging my nervous system. Feeling balanced, thanks so much.

Francesca is the best! She performs colourpuncture for me. I have been seeing her for several months now. This is my first review because it is not something I do lightly. I know that I have felt better after every session but never really been sure why. All I can say is that she is a lovely, caring person who works really hard and gives herself fully to each session. She works out the best therapy to use and I always feel better after each session. I really recommend you give her a try if you’re feeling anxious or stressed.

I can highly recommend colourpuncture with Fran. A very relaxing treatment which takes the knots and tension out of my back and seems to realign my whole body. After one session I felt a difference, following sessions each made further improvements. So much so that my Pilates teacher commented on how much more supple I now am. Thank you Fran

Francesca is consistently committed to her healing methods through colourpuncture. I have found it to be such a worthwhile path to wholeness. I can recommend Francesca as a wonderful caring progressive therapist. I am in awe of her presence, listening skills and ability. She is brilliant and I am so grateful to have this opportunity to be treated by her.

I had my 1st Colour Puncture treatment with Fran, very informative about the treatment which made me feel very relaxed. Felt rested and rejuvenated after the treatment, I would thoroughly recommend.

My first session of colourpuncture treatment with Fran was a very gentle and serene experience, filling me with assurance and confidence that I have definitely made the right choice. I look forward to further experiences and progress in my healing.

I’ve had 6 sessions of colourpuncture with Francesca so far and I can say this woman is divinely gifted. Every session stirs up something for me so it’s not been a smooth ride but I feel like I am healing a lot. Emotions I have suppressed for years such as anxiety and anger have come to surface and in a way I was forced to face them and release them. Francesca is passionate, knowledgeable, warm and kind. My hormonal healing is not over but I feel like I’m heading in the right direction. Totally recommend the colourpuncture with Francesca.

I’ve been seeing Francesca for colourpuncture and can highly recommend. Francesca is very caring and understanding, she truly listens and cares about the treatment she is giving. I leave feeling relaxed and lighter. I know something is shifting, aligning and releasing within my sessions with her. It’s a very safe space to just be you and she will listen and acknowledge where you are and help you heal past trauma and current issues.